Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wish list

I love food and stuff. So, logically, my favourite is stuff related to foods. I often spend my  time in thrift shops and are a big fan of the clearing sale in specialised cooking shops. This is my current wish list:

  • Vintage coffee grinder to use for grinding spices (I looked for one in every thrift shop I cross, why can't I find one!)
  • A large pan for soups, for example the Royal VKB soup pan
  • Cake tins in all forms and shapes
  • A Le Creuset cast iron pan
  • Peugeot pepper mill
  • Cooking books from all the great ones (Nigella, Jamie, River Cafe, etc. etc.)
  • Large kitchen stove with a large oven
  • A kitchen aid kitchen machine
  • Vintage tableware in all sorts and sizes, I love it all!
But most of all.... a large kitchen to fit all my kitchen stuff. My current kitchen is only 3 square meters big, which is quite limiting for my cooking aspirations!

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