Monday, March 19, 2012

About changing preferences

Is it age? Probably. I have always been quite specific about what I eat. As a child I was a parents horror. I didn’t like anything on my plate. Especially not if it had a scent of vegetables or fruit around it. Quite a harsh thing if your parents are fruit farmers and own their own grocery store. Strangely enough, I have always been a great fan of fish and shellfish. Raw or cooked, it made no difference to me. The only exception has long been sushi. Nice, to have a kid who is delighted to get a raw oyster or herring but just simply refuses to eat her pasta with sauce because it contained tomatoes.

Living in a student house kind of teaches you to stop fussing about food. First of all you just can’t afford to be peculiar when you live on a tight budget, second, it is a bit offensive to be fussy over food when your housemate just put his best effort in a nice dish. And, already then, I was a fan of cooking. I had two banana boxes of kitchen tools, which I kept save in my room, to prevent them from damaging by anyone else but me.

Now I eat about anything and I like it all. I have a few exceptions, for example I never really got to love braised endives. Although I have always liked raw fish and I like a nice liqueur late at night, until a few months ago, sushi and whisky were on my exception-list too. But strangely enough I suddenly love both. Isn’t it awkward how taste develops?

I’ll keep my fingers crossed about endives and Brussels sprouts. Maybe one day, my ability to love bitter tasting food will improve. And mum, I am sorry, I really am!

Me when I still was a devilish little creature in my families plum orchard

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