Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thrifting blues

Everyone who frequently visits a thrift store probably recognizes this in some kind of way. When you enter the store, you see a certain item in the far back corner. It is just winking to you. See me, buy me, take me home. You dwell around for a bit. Try not to be too eager. Pick up some other items. Finally you get there. Pick up the item. Place it back again. Pick up the item next to it. Try to make up your mind. Do you really need this item, what would you use it for. In your head visions of the item in your house start to grow. Now you know, this item should be yours. Definately.
Then, suddenly, disaster strikes. Some kind of ugly witch turns up right next to you, graps the precious and runs to the cash desk. Too slow! Too much thinking! And although you have plenty of stuff, the loss of this specific item kind of ruins your day. Week. Month.
It happened to me on Tuesday. I saw the perfect, enormous oven dish, made of stoneware. I think it was Moroccan. In fact, it was used on an open fire, since it was blackened and burned on the bottom. Perfect for a big couscous dish, for paella or for being gorgeous in my living room. The patina was marvellous. I still blame myself for doubting, it would have been mine if I wouldn’t have. Maybe because I already spend more than I should on nice items this month?

 All that was left for me were three of these little versions. Nothing like the real deal, but they will come in handy for some bites or tapas. And I learned a lesson. Don’t doubt, run to the cash desk. As fast as you can!

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